Sad news from The Barbour Residence, being a grown up is not much fun sometimes….

There once was a girl who meet a much older boy. He made her laugh until she thought her head would fall off, they shared similar values and goals, well apart from newspapers. He was and still is for some unknown reason loyal to The Times whilst girl is a loyal Telegraph reader. Girl thought that their differences over newspapers would not be a stumbling block and it certainly paled into insignificance when their musical choices were examined.

Anyway, not long a brief four months truth be told after meeting girl moved from her beloved London to be with boy, embracing country life with ease and only occasionally yearning for her old life. She started working in a large city so had the hum of people during the day and the peace of the country at other times. Boy had a dog which Nutter ex-girlfriend had abandoned which he inherited when aforementioned ex ran off with new chap decided the relationship was over. Girl meets Dog and fell in love; not in a let me put bows in your hair and talk to you in a high-pitched crazy voice way but in a it’s been a bugger of a day let’s go for a walk down the lane and I will moan and you will ignore me and chase birds/look at cows or stare at sheep way, but all will be right with the world afterwards.

After about six months Girl decides that Dog needs a companion and Boys birthday is nearing and given that boy has most things he needs remember he is old there have been quite a few birthdays already Girl decides Dog needs a chum. Boy is allowed to choose new dog and falls for a cute 8 week old puppy one of a litter abandoned by the roadside. We pass our home check with flying colours despite Boy Dog attaching himself to the very nice ladies thigh who came to interview us and despite the heavy aroma from Boy Dogs flatulent bottom. Boy Dog welcomes new puppy with some vigorous sniffing and rough and tumble playing in the garden which on the third day results in a broken leg for puppy. Many hours are spent driving up the motorway and signing credit card bills with lots of zeros on to see a lovely Vet who specialises in mending puppy bones and Puppy recovers, although she can never fully stretch out her back leg when she sleeps but it doesn’t bother her unduly.

Many walks are taken, hedges peeded on, beaches walked along and chickens sniffed by Puppy who grows up to be a fine dog with a sweet nature. Then fast forward eleven and a half years to today. After a blood transfusion last week was unsuccessful and numerous drugs and treatments have made little difference we have decided that we can see her suffer no longer. Her red blood cells are not being replaced and slowly breathing is becoming the hardest thing for her to do. As I type I see her lying on her bed trying with all her might to keep going. There is no chance of improvement and so we have an appointment at the Vets this evening.

When Boy Dog died it was 6 years ago when he was on the operating table for a twisted bowel so there was no decision to be made. This has been one of the hardest things we have had to do. When Husband went to work this morning he said with great big tears in his eyes sometimes being a grown up is not much fun and today I have to agree with him.

Girl Dog, a sweet little soul with a love for the seaside. Thank-you to a dear friend who took this picture on Tuesday.