Gosh….I have a blog

An introduction would seem polite I would suggest. I am a married, stay at home mum with a husband who irritates me and amuses me in varying degrees and more small children than hands. I am in my late thirties not in the least bit glamorous, have very little interest in clothes viewing them as an alternative to nakedness. I have no idea what is and what isn’t desirable this season and even less desire to find out and have every intention of being buried in my beloved Barbour jacket. In fact my only hint towards being female is an inability to leave the house without my make up on.

I am of the get a grip school of parenting coupled with a hugs as needed, believe in sports day being competitive, am an advocate of fresh air as an aid to life’s troubles, am a stickler for manners and correct spelling and always have a cake of some description nestling on top of the fridge for anyone to help themselves to. We have dogs and far too many chickens that either wander around the garden, appear in the kitchen under one of the children’s jumpers or sunbathe.

I am also slightly too obsessed with Africa for it to be healthy and have vowed to visit every country there before I draw my last breath on a motorbike on my own, once the children are at University, in a career and less in need of clean socks than currently.

So the reason for this blog is three-fold; firstly to awaken my slumbering brain, it is nearly ten years since I was in any form of paid employment and I fear that the world may well have carried on without me and progressed somewhat secondly to have a record to bore the next generation with and finally it’s an interesting alternative to housework which I do sporadically under sufferance.


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